Four Ways to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a common thing that happens in most of the families and has been around for quite a long time now. When your kids fight or argue, don’t panic because it all a natural part of your children’s growing-up process. As far as the kids have a good relationship and appear happy otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about. But if it is causing unhappiness in your kid, it is certainly a problem that has to be dealt with. Here are few effective ways in which parents can deal with sibling rivalry.

Develop a Good Relationship Even before the Birth of Younger Sibling

deal with sibling rivalry

This is probably one of the best ways to develop a good relationship between siblings. Get your older kid acquainted with the baby even before birth. Show him or her pictures of a growing baby in mother’s belly. Let them talk to the baby, feel the baby kick, and pat the baby underneath the big bulge. Replay the babyhood of the older kid and get him or her to look through their baby photo collection. By replaying the baby events of the older kid, you can make them stay prepared for a replay of their sister or brother.

Listen to Their Feelings and Acknowledge

deal with sibling rivalry

Hearing to and making them feel comfortable in expressing how they feel will help your kid get out from the frustration and anger felt towards the other sibling. When kids are younger, they usually fight to get the attention of their parents; so spend some time to sit and listen to them impartially and actively. This will comfort them that they are being heard to and that their feelings are respected. Acknowledge their feelings!

Remain Positive

deal with sibling rivalry

Parental marketing is one of the key skills that is needed to promote sibling harmony. You may be under the notion that your older kid should be excited to have got a live-in friend, but kids are mostly preoccupied with things they have lost than gained. They usually do not favor sharing their toys or parents with another person. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to turn around the situation to assist the usually egocentric kid to imagine what’s there for him or her in it.

Boredom Worsens Conflicts

deal with sibling rivalry

By keeping your children active and busy with activities, projects and their daily schedule, the chances of fighting are very less. You may have seen that siblings tend to fight more and argue while on long breaks or summer vacations because they are discontent and bored. They tend to look around for something interesting and exciting to do, which is when they try to prank around with the sibling. So, try to keep the children involved- redirection and distraction are ideal ways to break up a quarrel!

Helping kids build and maintain good sibling relationship may seem to be a very demanding task, but the benefits you reap in the long run are well worth the efforts.

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